In order to play handball in the English Leagues or Cup, players have to be registered with the  England Handball Association (EHA) for insurance purposes. Registration is made online by our club, so you will need to provide us with personal-contact details and a passport-sized photo. Fees range from £15-30 depending on the division or competition you are intending to participate in.

Players wanting to play in the Super 8 National Leagues (formerly English 1st Division) or in the English Cup, who DO NOT HOLD a British Passport and/or WERE REGISTERED with a foreign federation during the past 24 months, will be required to make an International Transfer Request:
A. If you were an amateur non-contracted player during the past 24 months, the fee to be paid is €246 (that is €123 to the releasing National Federation, and €123 goes to the EHF), except for students, whose transfer is FREE!
B. If you were a professional/contracted player during the past 24 months, a fee of €2,460 (€1,230 to the releasing National Federation and €1,230 to the EHF) has to be paid in order for your previous registration to be released and for you to be eligible to play in another European country's 1st Division or Cup. In this case, the student fee waiver does NOT apply.
Should you need an International Transfer, our Executive Directors will help you complete one. As it can take up to 30 days, please contact us as soon as possible in order to speed things up for you! Note that these fees have nothing to do with London GD Handball Club, fees are set by the National Federations and the EHF, so apply equally to each club registered with England Handball. Our club is not currently in a position to assist our players with these fees; therefore, payment of fees is entirely up to players themselves.
If you WERE NOT REGISTERED in any National Federation during the past 24 months, then you are eligible for a FREE INTERNATIONAL TRANSFER in order to play the English 1st Division (Super 8 League) or Cup.
If you want to play ONLY in theDevelopment Leagues/TournamentsNO International Transferis required at all.

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